PAD London

16-20 October 2013


Alex Hull Studio presents Nude Chair – a new addition to the Split range created with Gallery FUMI for PAD London. In this work Alex Hull continues to explore our relationship with objects, challenging contemporary attitudes towards change and ageing.

Nude Chair is a balancing, visually light, organic structure, created using carbon fibre technology. The continuous leather form of the chair, with concealed seams and light padding, splits open to reveal a more delicate and tactile suede interior as if it has been torn apart. Vachetta leather used for upholstery is the untreated cow hide usually used in the trimmings of bags and luggage.  Pale beige at the start, it will tan over the years of use until reaching a darker honey colour.

A sensual and tactile object covered in skin-like naked leather, the Nude Chair is challenging our attitudes towards change and ageing.  It is celebrating natural change in a society dominated by the increasingly impossible standards of beauty and obsession with youthful perfection, portrayed in mass media and advertising.  Over the years of use, the chair will build up the patina – the surface’s expression of its life-time, with every mark and scratch gracefully adding to its character.




27 MARCH – 1st APRIL 2013

Contemporary Design UK
Stand Number 34


PAD London 

10 October - 14th October

Berkeley Square

Opening times: 11am-8pm

Alex Hull Studio presents Split Sofa - a new piece represented by Gallery Fumi.

A balancing, visually light organic structure was inspired by the wave’s movement and the composite surfboard construction. Continuous leather form splits open to reveal a more delicate and tactile suede interior, as if it has been torn apart. The asymmetrical sofa bends and curves, echoing and “hugging” the human body, allowing its occupier to sit or lie down in it, using the outstretched arm as a chaise longue head rest.

Composite core, leather, suede


 PAD London


London Design Festival: LINLEY Collaborations 

18 September - 26 September

60 Pimlico Road (Sloane Square)

Opening times: 10am - 6pm

LINLEY COLLABORATIONS is a new initiative exploring the possibilities of bringing the very best of British craftsmanship together with those innovators and explorers they might not otherwise encounter. In this programme of new works, LINLEY is inviting into the workshop the country’s foremost artists, designers and engineers - those who lead the critical debate, share a passion for craftsmanship, and who are pioneers and changemakers in their field. In 2012 Alex Hull Studio was invited by LINLEY to take part in the initiative along with designers and conceptul artist Rolf Sachs  to create our vision of a LINLEY piece.

EQUUS by Alex Hull Studio is a 21st century writing desk that blends advanced composite work with the traditional arts of leather bookbinding and saddle making.

The collaboration exhibition opened on 19th September in London.


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