Invited by curator Polina Angelova to respond to Frank Gehry’s architecture, Alex Hull was challenged to relinquish some of the strict control over organic curves that characterises his work. The chair is designed spontaneously, with a single, fast swirl of a pen on paper, allowing the inertia of the movement to take over.



Alex Hull worked with master blacksmith Andrew Langley, who used hot and cold hand-forging techniques to make the solid bronze bar follow the curves of the sketch.



Easy Chair by Alex Hull features a seat made using a traditional wet leather moulding technique. Hides are wet throughout, placed onto the form and then moulded by hand, applying pressure and continuously massaging the hides, stretching it over the tight curves and radiuses.

This method requires the use of natural vegetable tanned leathers. The ancient process of tanning uses ingredients found in different vegetable matter, such as tree bark prepared in bark mills, wood, leaves, fruits and roots. The transformation from raw hides into a material that will last a long time is a process that happens slowly in wooden drums or in tanning pits. Vegetable tanning shows off leather in its most natural state emphasising the skill of the tannery. Due to the natural tannins used, vegetable tanned products are unique and have life of their own, changing continuously and developing a patina over time.


Nude chair - exploring Vachetta leather

Vachetta leather used for upholstery is the untreated cow hide usually used in the trimmings of bags and luggage.  Pale beige at the start, it will tan over the years of use until reaching a darker honey colour.

Covered in skin-like naked leather, the Nude Chair is challenging our attitudes towards change and ageing.  It is celebrating natural change in a society dominated by the increasingly impossible standards of beauty and obsession with youthful perfection, portrayed in mass media and advertising.  Over the years of use, the chair will build up the patina – the surface’s expression of its life-time, with every mark and scratch gracefully adding to its character.




The making of Equus desk


Split Sofa