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    Hull Studio is a multidisciplinary design studio with the ethos that lies in exploring the relationship between traditional craftsmanship, modern technology and organic design. 




    Alex Hull was born in 1981 in Chester, UK. His passion for working with natural materials and building things with your own hands comes from his father, a timber specialist and a keen joiner.Interested in design from an early age, Alex initially wanted to be a car designer or an architect and even built a large Scandinavian style summer house in his parent’s back yard.  Eventually settling on furniture design, he studied Product and Furniture Design at Nottingham Trent University, before joining bespoke furniture company Silverlining. Rapidly progressing to the head of design, Alex brought to the company a new perspective focusing on contemporary design and pushing the craft to its absolute limit.

    In 2012 Alex Hull, Polina Parshina and David Winter set up  multidisciplinary Hull Studio, working on art pieces, private commissions, product and installation design. Their work can be next seen at Design/Miami, Basel 2016.



    October 2018         PAD London, Gallery FUMI

    September 2018    Now and Then, FUMI

    September 2018    Reconsidering Canon, the Design Museum

    November 2016     The Salon + Art New York, FUMI

    June 2016              Design Miami/Basel, FUMI

    April  2016             PAD Paris, Galley FUMI

    October 2015         PAD London, Gallery FUMI

    March 2015            Design Days Dubai, FUMI

    October 2014         PAD London, Gallery FUMI

    June 2014              Design Miami/Basel, FUMI

    October 2013         PAD London, Gallery FUMI

    June 2013              Masterpiece, LINLEY

    March 2013            PAD Paris, Galley FUMI

    October 2012         PAD London, Gallery FUMI

    September 2012     LINLEY Collaborations, London Design Festival

    March 2012            PAD  Paris. Gallery FUMI (with Silverlining)

    October 2011         Future Perfect. Studio Silverlining solo exhibition, Gallery 8, London